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A Commitment to the Community

2020-2022 Heritage Circle Inductees: Pete Humes, Beth Williams, Dale Lachniet, Rob Dodd, Melinda May, Ron Branscome, Fred Rankin, John Coker. Not pictured: Bill Hession, Jeanne Wesley, Renee' Gregory, Cathy Davis, Jay Sellers, Maxie Rozell, Jane Yaun, Kate Boldon.

“This is us helping us. We take care of our own here. Our dollars are working here. We make them go farther.” - Charles Havasy, former Rappahannock United Way Board Member

The RUW Heritage Circle is an exclusive circle of volunteers who have committed time, talents and treasure the the RUW Board of Directors over the years.  Within this circle we strive to continue to engage members with information, volunteer and advisory opportunities, and giving options.

If you have served as a member of the RUW Board of Directors and would like more information about Heritiage Circle activities, please contact Janel Donohue to re-connect.

RUW Past Board Members

Rappahannock United Way is proud to have partnered with community leaders for over 75 years.  Our past board members are listed below.

Bob Alexander
Greg Allison
Ed Allison*
Sally Backstrom
Jarvis Bailey
Anthony Barrett
Billy Beale
David Belman
Bob Bishop
Tom Blalock
Kate Boldon
Marvin Bolinger
Don Bowler
Ron Branscome*
Sue Bridi
Mike Brown
Robert Burgess
Jeanne Burkett
Mark Butterworth
Melvin Carter
Christopher Chandler
Juan Chaves
Ana Chichester
David Clare*
Kenneth Clayman
John Coker*
Susan Coleman*
Dick Conway
Steve Cooley
Tom Cooper
John Davenport
Lawrence Davies
Cathy Davis*
George Dew
Rob Dodd
Sharon Dunavant
Kent Farmer*
Alice Foley
Maria Franklin
George Gentry
Carol Gibeson
Dainan Gibson
William Graham*
Tom Grant
Jan Gray
Hunter Greenlaw*
Renee' Gregory
Dick Gutleber*
Joe Grzeika*

Jervis Hairston
Jim Haney*
Dan Hansen
Charles Havasy
Steven Helms
Dana Herlong
Jessica Herrink
Bill Hession
Ron Holmes*
Jud Honaker*
Billy Hoovler
Dana Houck
William Howell*
John Hubbarth
Justin Hughes
Pete Humes
Rick Hurley*
John Izzo
Bill Jacobs
LaBravia Jenkins
Johnny Johnson
Karen Johnson
Sabrina Johnson
Glenn Kinard
Deborah Klein
Dale Lachniet
William H. Ledbetter*
Tommy Lee*
Craig Lewis
Harold Lewis
Jim Lewis*
Theresa Livelsberger
Bill Mann
Bonita Martin
Tim Martin
Melinda May
Mark McCarty
Mike McDermott
Terri McKinney
Nancy Miller
Berkley Mitchell*
Bart Mix
MC Moncure
Dorothy Mondak
David Mullins
John Neal
Jeff Nicholson
Carrie O'Malley

Forrest Parker
Kim Payne
Marilyn Pocock
Jim Powers*
Mary Preston
Shelia Quinn
Fred Rankin*
Julie Ricketts
Clarence Robinson
Anthony Romanello
Jack Rowley*
Maxie Rozell
Donnie Self
Jay Sellers
Shawn Sloan
Doug Smallwood
Joyce Smart
Harry Smart*
Al Smith
Faith Smith
Melissa Smith
William Smith
James Stafford
Michael V. Starling*
Amanda Talbert*
Deborah Tompkins-Johnson
Mike Torosian
Dick Toye
Frank Turnage*
Donna Tyson*
Mike Vaillancourt
Tom Wack
Jon Wallace
R.B. Weaver
Jeanne Wesley
Roger Whittaker
Beth Williams
C.M. Williams
Richard Willis
Joe Wilson*
Linda Worrell*
Elton Wright
Jane Yaun
Bill Young
Bill Young*
Paige A. Young*
William B. Young*
Michael Youngblood
James Zinc

* indicates Past Board Chair

2022 Heritage Circle Induction

RUW Heritage Circle 2022