Rappahannock United Way

3310 Shannon Park Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22408    |    (540) 373-0041

United Way Worldwide is a membership organization comprised of nearly 1,300 local United Way organizations. Every local United Way is incorporated and governed independent of the United Way of America. Local United Ways are autonomous, independent advocates of human needs that exist in their own communities. Rappahannock United Way contributes membership dues to United Way Worldwide every year. The membership dues are 1% of the total dollars raised. The return on investment is that United Way of America strengthens the United Way brand and supports the mission of local United Ways.
Rappahannock United Way relies on the time and expertise of volunteers to meet its mission. We have opportunities for all ages, abilities and availability. Visit our volunteer page to find out more.
Rappahannock United Way takes pride in the fact that less than 16 cents of every dollar pledged supports year-round administration and fundraising. That means that 84% of fundraising is program focused, creating impact for priority needs.
Rappahannock United Way currently has 30 member agencies. One part of being a member agency is being eligible to request funding. We also have numerous non-funded partnerships in which we collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, local schools, businesses, and government agencies to help create a better community.
Rappahannock United Way focuses on Education, Financial Stability and Healthy Living. We believe these are the building blocks for a good life; a quality education that leads to a stable job and enough income to support a family through retirement with good health.
Rappahannock United Way funds programs that support many different types of services. While you may have never received help from one of these services, there are many people in our community who do. It may be your neighbor, a family friend, or the family behind you in line at the grocery store. Strengthening our community means supporting your neighbors. That's what it means to LIVE UNITED.
All Rappahannock United Way partner agencies provide valuable services to this community. Rappahannock United Way funds agencies based on the impact they make through programs and services—not their popularity. However, if a particular service area has significance to you, you may designate your contribution to that area or to the member agency of your choice.
Not all agencies want to be a part of a single, community-wide campaign and certain organizations have policies against joining local United Way campaigns. Rappahannock United Way's standards of financial accountability and program services are high and member agencies have missions that are primarily focused on Education, Financial Stability, and Healthy Living.
We all have our favorite charities, but the problems of the community are much larger than what any one agency can handle. Rappahannock United Way agencies offer a broad mix of programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our community.
Rappahannock United Way funds agencies covering a wide range of services, including some that are affiliated with churches. However, all agencies are funded because they meet a critical community need. Rappahannock United Way funds only the service programs, not the religious activities, of these agencies. Services by all Rappahannock United Way agencies are based on need, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, or religion.
Rappahannock United Way asks that you give where you live. You may still take advantage of payroll deductions at work, just simply designate to the United Way where you reside, and we will distribute your donations to their programs and services. You may also consider splitting your investment between your home and employment communities.
Yes, for both corporations and individuals. Under current tax laws, individuals can deduct charitable contributions when they itemize.
Operating costs of providing needed services increase each year due to several factors: increase in the population in the Fredericksburg area requiring the services, public demand for innovative programs, and inflation.
Volunteers with experience and expertise in the focus areas of Education, Financial Stability and Healthy Living, serve on the Focus Area Councils. These volunteers work with staff to identify, prioritize and evaluate the best programs and resources in our community to invest donor dollars for maximum impact, through Community Impact and Capacity Building grants.
Living costs are high, but most of us can afford something. Just 33 cents a day amounts to $120.00 a year. If you have payroll deductions, that's only $2.30 a week. And if giving is just not a practical option right now we invite you to volunteer or advocate for Rappahannock United Way - everyone has a gift to give whether its your money, your time or your voice - everyone is welcome to join us in our important work.
Donations to Rappahannock United Way's Community Impact Fund and to our member agencies are not subject to a processing fee. However, gifts designated to non-member organizations are subject to a 19.96% fee of the gift amount before being forwarded to the designated agency. The Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance standards deem that fees of 35% or lower are "acceptable" and "meet accountability standards". The fee helps to cover the costs of administering the donor designation program, while being reasonable to all donors and the agencies that benefit from designated giving. We believe the value to the receiving agencies for designated giving far exceeds the fee recouped by Rappahannock United Way. Designated giving also provides cost-free funding to the agency because they do not incur the expense of fundraising materials or marketing supplies.
If giving is not a practical option for you right now we invite you to volunteer or advocate for Rappahannock United Way - everyone has a gift to give whether its your money, your time or your voice - everyone is welcome to join us in our important work.