Rappahannock United Way

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Focus Area: Healthy Living

A healthy and happy community.

Rappahannock United Way is focused on creating a healthier community. We support and implement programs that help individuals and families develop healthy habits, access health resources and avoid risky behaviors. By reducing illness and injury, we hope to improve the quality of life in our area.


Healthy Living Focus Area Council members bring their own unique expertise and experiences to help inform and guide the RUW Community Impact Grant process; ensuring the most profound impact is made in our community.

Healthy Living Focus Area Council members work with RUW Community Impact staff to ensure RUW Healthy Living specific goals and outcomes are supported through Community Impact grants.



  • Resilience: Individuals and families will demonstrate a sustained ability to avoid, withstand and recover from adverse events. This includes: gaining knowledge about healthy lifestyle habits/conditions, gaining strategies for enhancing safety, developing coping, stress management, resilience skills,  reducing unhealthy days, decrease in school / work absenteeism, improving level of functioning – mentally and emotionally, individuals increasing access to healthcare services.
  • Avoid Risky Behaviors: Individuals will develop age appropriate skills and habits to avoid risky behaviors for themselves and create safe communities. This includes: developing strategies to respond to bullying/ abusive behaviors, avoiding use of illegal substances, developing positive / healthy relationships,  increasing sense of community safety and connection, being free from law enforcement / juvenile justice involvement, free from substantiated incidents of abuse / neglect.

Healthy Living Collaboration:

Rappahannock United Way collaborates with local agencies and other partners to advance Healthy Living in our region.  Our collaborative efforts include:

  • 10 funded programs
  • SingleCare Prescription Assistance
  • Narcan Distribution To Local Law Enforcement Through SingleCare Partnership
  • Member: Be Well Rappahannock Council / Executive Committee
  • Member: UWW Opioid Work Group
SingleCare is a national program that seeks to reduce the costs of prescription medicines for those in need. Rappahannock United Way distributes free discount prescription cards to connect as many low income individuals as possible with the service SingleCare provides. In March 2012, SingleCare honored RUW with its Community Partnership Award.