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ALICE Experience

What is an ALICE Experience?

Financial hardship is a reality for many individuals and families in our community. Unless you've experienced financial hardship yourself it's difficult to truly understand.

The object of the ALICE Experience is to immerse individuals in the day-to-day realities of life faced by people with low-to-moderate incomes.  For some of us that isn't too hard to relate to – as we ourselves have faced or even currently face those same struggles.  This is not a game.  It is based on real households and their lives.   It is an experience to hopefully motivate us all to become involved with real life solutions to financial hardship right here in our own community.

For the purposes of the ALICE Experience participants will be assigned roles as part of ‘households’ – within each household participants will have different sets of circumstances relating to their household structure, employment, income, bills and responsibilities.

The Simulation Activity is designed to raise awareness, increase understanding and inspire local change!

Please note: participants should be 18 years or older, and able to move around and follow instructions.  Participants should feel comfortable operating in what can become a fast moving, noisy and often chaotic environment.

ALICE Experience - We Provide:

2 hour ALICE Experience including:

  • Room setup
  • Introduction
  • Simulation
  • Debrief

Experienced Host / Facilitator

Team of Trained Volunteers

Participant Kits

Room/Station Signage and Props

ALICE Experience - You Provide:

$2,000 Flat Fee *

Point of Contact - available for duration of event

Large Room - at least 3,000 square feet

40 x Tables

150 x Chairs 

Between 50 (minimum) and 125 (maximum) participants

4 hours - allows time for ALICE team to set up and clean up

* discount available for RUW Campaign Companies & Member Agencies

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