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The ALICE Project

What is ALICE?

Alice is a project that focuses on community members who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed.

The United Way ALICE Project is the umbrella of work to both reveal and address the needs of this population.  The project includes research, United Way ALICE Reports,  the National ALICE Advisory Council,  Research Advisory Committees,  the ALICE Learning Community, and the local community impact work to address the needs of this population.

The ALICE Report

United Way ALICE Report is the official name of the body of research published for the state of Virginia, and designed to inform service efforts by nonprofits, government and others.

This video seeks to dispel the myths about financial instability – ALICE is working in critical jobs in our communities and wants the best for his or her family, like all of us.   This video also underscores that there is no one single solution for helping ALICE households. It takes all segments of society – employers, government, nonprofits, individuals – each doing its part to make things better for working families.