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Be There

In times of need, in times of crisis and even times of opportunity we often say I wish I could BE THERE, or worse, I wish I could have been there for family, friends, neighbors, coworkers or even strangers. No longer is there a need to wish. By giving a gift through the Rappahannock United Way campaign, you can BE THERE.

You can Be There to:

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Help Alicia: When Alicia’s mom had her hours cut at work, she was no longer able to cover the cost of childcare. After meeting with Rappahannock United Way’s financial coach, she was able to create a new spending budget. We provided assistance by covering her childcare costs until she was able to find a better paying job. Now, Alicia has a safe place to go before school that provides a nutritious breakfast and sets her up for success.

Help Colin and Amanda: After working all of his adult life, Colin found himself unemployed. He struggled to find a new job. Even though he and his wife, Amanda, had both been employed for years, they had little savings. Rappahannock United Way’s financial coach was able to direct Colin to advanced certification training in his industry, which helped Colin land a new and better-paying job.

Here at Rappahannock United Way we envision a community where all people are hopeful, resilient and self-sufficient.

We need your help to make this a reality! Thank you in advance for your contribution.