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Coronavirus Update:

CVS and Walgreens are providing free delivery of prescription medications.

When you call in to get a script filled or refilled, ask that the FamilyWize discount be applied by providing the following information from the FamilyWize card.  There is no need for them to physically show a card.

BIN:               610194
Card ID:         FW100
Group ID:       FW100
PCN:               FW

We are pleased to partner with FamilyWize to offer this important free prescription discount card program to help everyone in our community.  Since beginning this partnership, Fredericksburg area residents have saved over $3,000,000 in prescription costs!

Health care coverage is one of the top concerns for people in our community. Rappahannock United Way is committed to helping increase access to affordable heath care and getting everyone the medicine they need. Many people who live and work in our community struggle to pay their bills and have to choose between getting the medicine they need and paying for food, rent or utilities.

The FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards can be used by everyone in the community for prescription medicine - not just people with no insurance. There are no usage, age, or income limits.

How Does the Card Work?

Simply give the card to the pharmacist with your prescription. An instant discount— varies by medication—is applied to the prescription medicine. The card provides pharmacy discounts (up to 75%) on all FDA approved prescription medicine not covered by insurance, Medicaid, Medicare or other benefit plans. You pay either the discounted price or the pharmacy's retail price, whichever is lower. Use the tool here to lookup covered drugs and potential savings!

Where Do I Get a Card?

Visit Familywize to print your own. Or text the word “family” to 700700 and receive card information on your phone. Take it to one of the 60,000 participating pharmacies to begin saving immediately.

Live United

You can change someone’s life by printing FamilyWize cards and giving them out to your friends, neighbors and co-workers, or just handing one to someone in line at the pharmacy or supermarket.

If you are part of an organization that can help Rappahannock United Way distribute a large number of cards to your employees, members, or clients please contact Kathryn Palmer to join us in increasing access to healthcare in our community.