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What does it mean to be living as ALICE?

We all know people who are ALICE®: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed — earning more than the Federal Poverty Level, but not enough to afford the basics where they live. ALICE workers were celebrated as essential heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet they do not earn enough to support their own families.

ALICE households and households in poverty are forced to make tough choices, such as deciding between quality child care or paying the rent — choices that have long-term consequences not only for their families, but for all.



Throughout the pandemic, economic forces such as job disruption, inflation, wage increases, pandemic assistance, and migration worked both with and against each other.

The 2023 Virginia ALICE Report details the impact of competing economic forces and public policy interventions during the pandemic on ALICE households in Virginia in 2021. It also presents research showing that the impact of the pandemic on financial security continued beyond 2021.


All new Virginia ALICE data is available for you to view and interact with.  You can generate your own data sets based on your areas of interest – and they are downloadable and printable from the website.

Counties are the core geography for ALICE data: They reveal variations often masked by statewide averages, and the data is reported regularly and reliably.

Use the online tools to see an overview of financial hardship, county by county.

The County Profile highlights key aspects of county economies across the state, including details related to county demographics, the cost of living, and the labor landscape.

Visit the fully interactive website to view and generate your own reports for Virginia county and city level data: CLICK HERE


Of the 3.3 million households in Virginia, 1,249,732 — 38% — had income below the ALICE Household Survival Threshold in 2021. This includes both households in poverty and ALICE households.

The number of households in financial hardship in Virginia continues to be undercounted in official measures.

To learn more about ALICE households who earn above the Federal Poverty Level but not enough to afford the basics in your community visit the fully interactive United for ALICE website.

The Virginia ALICE Report 2023 is available to download: CLICK HERE

An Executive Summary is available to download for Planning District 16 which includes the City of Fredericksburg, and the Counties of Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania and Stafford: CLICK HERE

Support ALICE Households in Our Community

You can BE THERE for more ALICE households by giving a gift that will support Education, Financial Stability, and Healthy Living. Your gift will help build a community that is hopeful, resilient, and self-sufficient.  CLICK HERE to donate now.

To learn more about how our Prosper programs and resources support local ALICE households CLICK HERE.


Twenty One Local United Ways from throughout the state of Virginia have come together to produce the Virginia ALICE Report; along with the generous financial backing from sponsors United Way of South Hampton Roads, Atlantic Union Bank, Compare.com and the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education.